Listen to my new EP

"1 on 1"


 May 04, Karlsruhe, Ben Barritt

May 06, Berlin, A-Trane, Kenny Wesley

May 19, Frankfurt- Burg Lißberg, Yvonne Mwale

May 24, Berlin, Hangar, Spaceinvaders

   May 25, Berlin, Horsebar, Houseband

June 22, Berlin IPA Bar, Spaceinvaders

June 26, Berlin, tba, Spaceinvaders

June 29, Berlin Loci Loft, Keith Tynes

July 07, Berlin, Matti Klein

July 14, Berlin, Keith Tynes

July 15, Mainz, Haberecht 4

July 21, Berlin, Spaceinvaders

August 25, tba, Yvonne Mwale


Mathis Grossmann is a drummer, composer and music producer from Berlin. Mathis has accumulated a broad spectrum of experience spanning a variety of styles including Jazz, Soul Music and HipHop.

His new EP ”1 ON 1” combines many of his musical influences, such as Herbie Hancock, J Dilla, D’Angelo and Kendrick Lamar. ”1 ON 1” was composed, produced and played by Mathis and features the Italian producer Mabi Sabi and Leona Berlin on vocals.

In addition to working on his own project, Mathis plays and collaborates with artists and groups around Germany as a drummer and producer. He is currently working with Haberecht 4, Spaceinvaders, Kenny Wesley, Kileza and Leona Berlin.


Pictures by Daniel Wetzel and Michael Colella